Recent Consultancy Projects are listed below. Most automotive and defense projects are confidential but please contact trac@ntnu.no for more information about clients and project results.

Automotive projects

Virtual prototypes of car bodies, cradles, brakes, suspension systems, and complete vehicles have been modeled and simulated to evaluate the durability and ride & handling capabilities. A special focus have been on the application of new light weight materials in engine cradles, sub-frames, brakes and suspension systems.

Among the TRAC clients are Koenigsegg, Daimler Chrysler, BMW, FIAT, Ferrari F1, Honda, SAAB, Volvo, MAN, DAF, Lucas, John Deere, Raufoss Automotive, Moxy Trucks, Hydro Automotive, Kongsberg Automotive and Variomotive.

Defense and aerospace projects

TRAC has developed software and performed simulations of advanced mechatronic systems for defense and aerospace companies like ESA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Matra Marconi Space, CSEM, Dornier/DASA, KDA and Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt.

Handling equipment projects

Several gantry and offshore cranes have been modeled and simulated by TRAC to test the performance at various operations and loads. The models have included structural components, drivelines, motors, control and hydraulic systems, e.g. the overall crane performance have been evaluated and optimized.

Some clients are Hydralift, Munck Cranes and STATOIL.

Offshore projects

TRAC has solved tough engineering problems for STATOIL, KVÆRNER, ABB and many other offshore companies. Typical applications are offshore evacuation systems, telescopic bridges, cranes, bow loading and toe in systems.

Some clients are STATOIL, KVÆRNER and HYDRO.

High precision machinery projects

Based on FEDEM's multidisciplinary modeling and simulation capabilities, TRAC can virtually test the overall accuracy of complex robots and high precision machinery.

Some clients are ABB Robotics, NEOS Robotics, Renault Automation, ZFS, Boeing and Cincinnati Milacron.

TRAC contact information:

Terje Rølvåg
Mobile: +47 400 65 114
Telephone: 73 59 37 68
Direct line: 73 59 37 62
Fax: +47 73 59 41 29
E-mail: trac@ntnu.no
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