Terje Rølvåg has a Professor position at NTNU dep. Of Product Development and Materials. This gives a high level of synergy between R&D, education and industrial activities at TRAC and NTNU.


Research Scientists from SINTEF are frequently involved in TRAC projects. TRAC has also its origin from SINTEF Materials Technology. Common activities are often related to casting of aluminum components, physical testing and fatigue analysis.

Fedem Technology AS

TRAC has more than 15 years of experience in the development and use of the FEDEM software. The projects displayed on this site are mainly solved with the FEDEM software. There is a high level of cooperation between TRAC and Fedem Technology AS.

Summit Systems AS

Summit Systems is an EDS reseller and consultancy company with a broad customer basis in Norway. TRAC and Summit cooperates in engineering projects and education at NTNU. TRAC is responsible for 2 I-deas based courses at NTNU.


SmartCAE is an Italian company providing CAE software and services. The company has special competence in dynamic analysis of composite structures. SmartCAE has comprehensive consultancy experience within Italian ship building and car companies.


Inventas is a successful Norwegian consultancy company providing design, 3D modeling and analysis services as well as prototype production. Inventas has a comprehensive experience in product development and has launched several new products and patents.

Inventas complements TRAC in areas like industrial design, crash simulation and prototyping.


Ceetron ASA develops software for 3D visualization and presentation of CAE/simulation results. Their target markets are aerospace, automotive, energy manufacturing and marine engineering industries. TRAC and Ceetron work together in R&D projects and education at NTNU. TRAC is also appreciating the use of their Glview software (but not the fact that they beat us on the squash court).

TRAC contact information:

Terje Rlvg
Mobile: +47 400 65 114
Telephone: 73 59 37 68
Direct line: 73 59 37 62
Fax: +47 73 59 41 29