TRAC offers professional assistance in the following areas:

Engineering Analysis

  • Mechanism and Control System simulation
  • Mechanism synthesis
  • Linear Static Stress Analysis
  • Nonlinear Static Stress Analysis
  • Natural Frequency Analysis
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Fatigue Analysis

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Engineering Courses

TRAC is teaching the following courses at NTNU dept. of Product Design and Materials.

TPK4105 Product Simulation (FEDEM theory)
TMM4155 Product Development and Materials Technology
TMM4135 Dimensioning / FEA theory
TMM4125 IKT Intro (Solid Works, NX or CATIA training)
TMM4185 Mechanical Vibrations

TRAC is also advising 6 Master Theses in automotive design 2003.

Research & Development

TRAC has been in charge of more than 10 national and international R&D projects since 1990. TRAC is currently in charge of the Lean Product Development project at NTNU.

A major project was the SAR study funded by ESA. The aim of the SAR study was to identify, improve and benchmark a state of art simulation tool for satellite deployment. After 5 years of software development and benchmarking, FEDEM was approved as the preference for satellite deployment simulation.

TRAC is currently in charge of automotive subframe and suspension system design in the NUTS R&D project.

Click "More details" for more info about these projects or send a request for other R&D projects, reports, papers etc.

Software Development

TRAC has more than 10 years experience with CAE software development in Fortran, C and C++. TRAC was in the period of 1994 to 1997 in charge of the FEDEM software development.

TRAC also offers expertise in DMAP and PCL programming / customization of MSC Nastran and Patran.

For details about the FEDEM software

TRAC contact information:

Terje Rølvåg
Mobile: +47 400 65 114
Telephone: 73 59 37 68
Direct line: 73 59 37 62
Fax: +47 73 59 41 29
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